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Facilitation Services

ICA-USA professionals have facilitated hundreds of participatory planning sessions, retreats, and problem solving sessions with boards, government agencies, schools, coalitions, local communities, not-for-profit agencies, tribal nations and private companies.

ICA-USA's facilitation services include the following:
  • Participatory Strategic Planning - use ToP methods for long-and short-term planning that includes creating a three-to-five year vision, identifying underlying contradictions that block the vision, defining two-year strategic directions, and developing one year objectives and a 90-day implementation plan. The process builds consensus, achieves effective group communication, turns ideas into productive action, and shapes concrete accomplishments into a strategic plan. 
  • Building Consensus - channel diverse ideas into productive consensus decisions which everyone owns and supports. 
  • Large and Small Group Discussions - conduct focused discussions, meaningful exchange of ideas, involving an entire group in thinking through difficult issues, and helping groups surface new ideas and solutions. 
  • Collaborative Action Planning - use the ToP Action Planning method to create an effective implementation plan and calendar, organize needed resources, maximize group commitment and involvement, and mobilize the group's energy into action. 
  • Creative Problem Solving - tackle tough issues through a structured process which engages active participation and team work to energize the problem solving process. 
  • Meeting and Agenda Design / Event Planning - use ToP® and Kaleidoscope design methods to design and plan participatory meetings and events. 
  • Culture Transformation - use historical scans, trend analysis, image shift and shaping, and organizational story- telling to address changes in mission, purpose and values. 
  • Community Engagement - build community consensus through community asset mapping, scenario planning, social analysis, and ToP methods. 
  • Collaborative Ventures - facilitate multi-agency endeavors and cross-functional teams to achieve common objectives and complete cooperative projects.

Labor Category Offered
Hourly Rate

Daily Rate

Executive Consultant
Lead Consultant
Senior Specialist
Specialist II
Specialist I
Administrative Staff

Descriptions of the Labor Categories Offered

Executive Consultant
Experience and ability to work with Executive level teams.
Lead Consultant
Mentor trainer of core and advanced ICA-USA courses. Significant experience with leading/designing complex and extended facilitation and consulting projects. Able to blend facilitation, consulting and training aspects into larger projects. Familiarity with connecting ICA methods with other change processes in longer-term projects and partnerships.
Senior Specialist
Mentor trainer of core ICA-USA courses. Extensive experience with ICA-USA methods, have facilitated many diverse sessions with a wide variety of clients, able to apply and adapt ICA methods in a variety of settings, meeting complex needs of clients.
Specialist II
Associates who are qualified to teach core ICA courses and have regularly facilitated several consulting/facilitation assignments. Have a solid grasp of ICA methods and tools.
Specialist I
Approved apprentice/provisional trainers who have active consulting practices, have facilitated consulting/facilitation assignments and who are actively becoming qualified trainers. Experienced consultants who are newly trained in ICA methods who support the work of experienced Associates.
Administrative Staff
Documentation and other program support possibly needed/contracted (registrations, facility coordination).